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September 15th, 2007, 10:41 AM
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Updated! I put my in search of list at the bottom, I'll take any of those or just a couple stamps, thanks! (Oh! Also, if you don't want me to send all of something just let me know how many you do want.)

$1/2 Uncle Ben's Rice (X6)
$1/2 Smuckers natural peanut butter (X8)
$1/2 Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats (X9)
$1/2 Ocel-o sponges (X8)
$1 8.8lb or larger pedigree dog food (X10)
BOGO 3 musketeers mint (X6)
$1 bag mini 3 musketerrs mint (X9)
75c Vaseline lotion (X8)
75c Vaseline lotion (rescue body lotion) (X8)
75c Vaseline renewal or glow product (X8)
50c/2 Suave deos (X8)
25c Suave Exhale Body Wash (X4)
$2 Advil Cold & Sinus (X5)
$1 Tennesee Pride Meal size sandwhich product (X6)
0.50 any Tennesee Pride product (X6)
0.50 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal (X9)
$1 Quacker Simple Harvest Hot Cereal (X9)
$1/2 Ice Breakers Gum or Mint Tins (X5)
$1 Everday Nuts Pistachios (X10)
$1 McCain Potato product (X6)
$1 Any premium aquafresh toothpaste (X5)
75c aquafresh (cavity protection, extra fresh, kids) (X6)
$1 Bumblebee Chicken breast (X6)
$1 Bumblebee any variety (X6)
0.40 Minute Rice (X2)
$3 Excedrin 100ct (X4)
$2 Depends (X10)
0.50 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (X5)
0.50 Lysol all-purpose cleaner (X5)
$1 Lysol disinfectant spray (X5)
$1/2 Lysol disinfecting wipes (X5)
0.50 Lysol bathroom cleaner (X5)
0.50 Lysol food surface or antibacterial cleaner (X5)
$2 Claritan (X6)
$2 Claritan Childrens (X8)
$1 Any Resolve (X5)
$5 Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic (X4)
0.50 Any one Spray and Wash (X5)
$5 Airwick Ultra Freshmatic (X5)
$4 Airwick Mini Freshmatic (X5)
$1/2 Kotex (X6)
$1/2 Kotex pantiliners (X6)
$1 Airbourne (X8)
$2 Airbourne Seasonal (X8)
0.40 Egglands Cage Free or Organic Eggs (X4)
$1.50 any Glucerna Product (X7)
$4/2 Glucerna (products shown only) (X7)
$1.50 Glucerna Cereal (X7)
75c Renuzit trigger or scented oil refill (X4)
0.35 Soft Scrub (X3)
0.50/2 Zatarains Mixes or Ready to serve (X5)
$1 Cream of Wheat (X7)
0.75 Cheerios Crunch (X8)
0.75/2 Nature Valley Granola bars (X5)
0.50 Caribou Coffee Granola Bars (X10)
0.50 Fiber One Granola Bars (X10)
0.50 8th Continent (X11)
0.75/2 Go-Gurts (X6)
0.75 Advil 20ct or larger (X4)
$1 Disposer Care (X5)
$1 Dishwasher Magic (x5)
0.75 Weight Watcher's Bagged Candy (X5)
$1/6 Weight Watcher's yogurt (X5)
0.50 Chipolte pepper sauce from tabasco (X5)
0.35 pepper sauce from tababsco (X5)
0.50 band-aids (X4)
0.50 neosporin (X2)
$2 Oberto beef jerkey (X3)
$1 Splenda (X4)
75c Splenda (X4)
BOGO Karma Bars (X4)
0.55 Laughing Cow Cheese (X4)
$1/3pouches Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (x2)
$1 I-caps (x2)
$1 Sunsilk - Expires 9/29
$1 Sunsilk 24/7 crème (x2)- Expires 9/29
$1 Sunsilk Color Boost (x2) - Expires 9/29
$1 Wisk 3x Concentrated (x2) - Expires 9/23
0.50 Wisk detergent (x2)- Expires 9/23
0.55 Cheez-its (X2)- Expires 9/23
0.50 Famous Amos (X5) - Expires 9/23
$1 Alieve (X2) 20ct or higher
$1 Alieve Liquid Gels 20ct or higher (X2)
$1 Kotex w/ wings (x2)- Expires 9/23
$2/2 Kotex (x2) - Expires 9/23
$2/2 Kotex pantiliners (X2)- Expires 9/23
$3 Fiberchoice (X4)
$2 Fiberchoice (x4)
$1 Dove Shampoo/Conditioner
$1 Dove Face Product
$1 Dove Liquid Hand Wash
$1 Dove Body Wash or 6pk Bars
$1 All Small & Mighty
0.50 All detergent
0.50 Lever Body Wash of 4pk bars
0.40 Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softner
0.40 Snuggle Sheets
0.70 Caress Daily Silk
0.70 Caress Tahitian
$1.25 Promiseactive supershots
$1.10 Bayer Aspirin
$2 Alavert (X3)
$1/2 Tony's Pizza - Expires 9/23
0.75 Ban Solid
0.40 any Ban product
$1/2 Arrid
55c Hola Fruta (x2)
BOGO Butterfinger Crisps (x3)
$1 Carnation breakfast (x2)
0.50 Nut Crunch Nature Valley
Various Lamisilk
0.75/3 Hamburger Helper
0.50 Hamburger Helper Singles
0.75/2 Yoplait Kids
0.35 Ken's dressing
$1 Ken's marinade
0.50/3 Pillsbury Biscuits
$1 Heinz (X5)
$1 hersheys snackbars (X2)
0.60 Luzianne Iced Tea (X2)
0.40 Liquid downy (X8)
$1 Febreeze effects (X4)
0.50 Febreeze Fabric Freshner (X4)
Swiffer coupons (X4)
$1 Febreeze candles (X4)
$1 Olay Ribbons (X6)
$1/2 Olay bar packs or body washes (X6)
0.50 Secret (x6)
0.35 Zest (x2)
0.25 Ivory (x4)
0.75 Crest (x4)
$1/2 Crest (x4)
0.75 Crest Pro-health (x6)
0.75 Duracell (x4)
$1 Prilosec (x6)
$1 Metamucil (x6)
0.55 Thermacare (x6)
0.50 Folgers Flavors (x6)
0.25 Folgers (x6)

I know I have some hunts, chef boyardee, rediwhip, etc (whatever came in that insert) that expire on 9/23 but I'm too lazy to type it out.

B1G1 or B2G1 Alpo canned food (13+ oz)
Free can Alpo dog food (22+ oz)
Free can Mighty dog
Free Meow Mix bowl
Free Meow Mix Treats
0.50/1 Hot Pocket Calzones
$1 Lloyds BBQ
Any Totino's Pizza Rolls
Snicker's Ice Cream Bars
$1 Bertolli Sauce
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
$1/2 Old El Paso Products
Pepsi Products
Armour Chili
Aunt Millie's Bread
Tidy Cat
Mama to Luke (1/21/09) and Isabelle (10/26/10)
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