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September 17th, 2007, 05:47 AM
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Hello all!! I wanted to see how many teenage mothers (or teen moms-to-be) were on here. I am a teen mom-to-be. (I'm 17) and of course it was unplanned! but after all I've thought about, and my boyfriend has thought about, we can do it. It's not like its reversable! I'm pretty happy about being a mom soon (when I found out that I coud be, I cried all day...but I realized I can get a tudor for the rest of my school year so I wont miss a yearand I get credit!) also with my wondering, I was asking to see how your pregnancies are going along. (with school, and home life and stuff..if its not to personal) I know that teen pregnancies are kind of frowned upon in our societies, so what is your opinion about it? (even if your a teen or not?)
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