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September 17th, 2007, 07:31 AM
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I'm a teen mummy to be. So far all is well, its early days though. I'm 16 (17 this saturday). I'm in term 3 of grade 12 and I will graduate with the rest of my grade on Novemer 16th. I plan to get an OP and such and go to University in 2009. My boyfriend is very happy, and supportive, he's been in the process of creating his own business with his older brother for the past two months since he got his certificate in the trades. So its all exciting and going well. I have my first appointment on Friday! [/b]
wow I'm super happy for you and your boyfriend, sound slike you two really have solid plans! My first appoitment is this Friday too (if thats the Friday your talking about) the good news about that day is that I'm getting out of school early! ha! I'm excited about this Friday I can barely wait!!! I'm super happy for you and you BF, good luck with everything!
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