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September 19th, 2007, 08:52 AM
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i was just "let go" yesterday too. i told my boss i was pregnant pretty much the day i found out. ( i work at a daycare) she acted excited, said she'd support me and all that. she told me monday that she put my job on craigslist because she thinks i need to go part time. keep in mind i'm only 9 weeks along. she also said that i must tell all the staff and families. i said i wouldnt tell them and she said "that's how i run this place, we need to part ways."

this sounds illegal to me, anyone else?

I'm so sorry you lost your job! I would try working at an Elem school or babysitting. Somewhere supportive of children maybe. GOOD LUCK. This kind of stuff always works itself out. Where do you live? I can help you do a job search if you want help!
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