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September 19th, 2007, 03:01 PM
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Unfortunately guys.. it's not illegal. (it should be). If you've worked there less than a year or the place you work has less than 50 employees, then they can fire you *for* being pregnant (though many choose not to word it that way). You're only garunteed your job or any (unpaid, at that) maternity leave after one year of employment.

As for being hired.. I was 7 months pregnant and got hired into a place.. I hid it, being the wuss I am. (thought they might see it fit to find another candidate). I was able to hide it. You don't have to tell them.. heck, if you're only that far along.. I WOULDN'T tell them.. then after about 3 weeks of employment, come in all surprised and say "Guys!!! I'm pregnant!!!"

If you are kind of showing.. best bet is to wear a skirt. Much easier to hide. And a business jacket. They do wonders.

You can lift in the beginning of your pregnancy as long as it's not too much weight and it's an amount that you've been lifting and are accustomed to...

hope everything works out! Good luck.

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