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September 20th, 2007, 11:19 AM
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She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in June. She had a very successful surgery to remove the tumor in July and it doesn't seem to have spread, but they recommended chemo just to be sure. She'll only be getting one dose every other week, and they don't expect the side effects to be significant, but you never know how the body will react, so I'm anxious to see how she does with it.[/b]

<span style="color:#ff00ff">I'm glad to hear her surgery was successful. And I'll keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

I know to well the effects of chemo, see back in 2001 I lost my own father to Carcinoid Cancer it's a rare "slow moving" form of Neuroendocrine Cancer. Only thing is my father knew he had it for five years and didn't tell anyone or do anything about it. He was old school "don't talk about it and it'll go away".

By the time the family including my mother was told about it it was too late to do anything. We were notified in May of 2001 that it was terminal and he passed away August 23, 2001. He had over 19 tumors in his liver and they had no idea as to were it even started since his insides where so over taken with the tumors. </span>
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