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September 20th, 2007, 10:55 PM
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Do any of you have Santa and if so, do you feel right about it?[/b]
That depends on what you mean by 'have Santa' If you mean do we make out Santa is real person, who actually brings presents for them..then no. I decided before I had kids that that could be a slippery slope and come back to bite us. We do, do Santa though, but only as a pretend character. I told my daughter when she was quite small that it was just a game and that Santa was just a man dressed up in a red suit. The Easter Bunny we don't do at all, but we don't do eggs either. I have told her others do believe these characters to be real though and she must not say anything to other kids about Santa or Easter bunny not being real because it could hurt there feelings.

I think if I had started the Santa is real thing then changed my mind I would continue but downplay it somewhat.
As soon as they started asking the pointed questions I would tell them the truth.

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