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September 21st, 2007, 03:07 PM
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i was just "let go" yesterday too. i told my boss i was pregnant pretty much the day i found out. ( i work at a daycare) she acted excited, said she'd support me and all that. she told me monday that she put my job on craigslist because she thinks i need to go part time. keep in mind i'm only 9 weeks along. she also said that i must tell all the staff and families. i said i wouldnt tell them and she said "that's how i run this place, we need to part ways."

this sounds illegal to me, anyone else?

I'm so sorry you lost your job! I would try working at an Elem school or babysitting. Somewhere supportive of children maybe. GOOD LUCK. This kind of stuff always works itself out. Where do you live? I can help you do a job search if you want help![/b]


I have worked in daycares for a long time, and let me tell you that is not right! They have to give you warnings, Im not sure how long you worked there, but what she did was wrong. The daycare actually has no right to say anything about you leaving the school to anyone. They are not allowed to say, oh she was pregnant so she had to leave, or anything of that personal nature.

Where do you live if you dont mind my asking??? Was this a lisenced daycare with an accredited director???

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