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September 21st, 2007, 10:21 PM
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*waves timidly*

I just did another test, and there is a pink 2nd line. Not particularly dark, but visible - and my friend could see it to, so it isn't my eyes playing tricks.

I will test again in the morning to see if the line is still there - and darker, but I am pretty certain now - i had another 2nd line 2 days ago, but wasn't sure if it was a real positive, or an evap line.

No one here probably knows me, so..

My name is Emma - i'm 24 - as of today (hmm happy birthday..), I have a daughter who is 11 months old on the 26th. Um, my boyfriend & I have only been together for two months, he has a 6 year old son from a previous relationship, who lives with his mother.

.... I'm in shock, and shaking, but I know that it'll be okay.......

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