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September 22nd, 2007, 08:31 AM
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I know feeding and textures issues have been addressed in various forms on earlier posts, but I was wondering if any other parents have children that don't know how to chew. Alexis is 5 and has had feeding issues from the time she was 11 months old. She stopped eating solids at 11 months and was on nutren jr from then until just 2 weeks ago (my ins. refused to approve it since she has gained enough weight to be in the 52%). At 2 years she started eating baby food again. She has a lot of texture issues and she would gag and vomit any any higher textures. In Feb, we went to a specialty feeding clinic in PA and we able to get her off of baby food and onto finely ground foods. Since Feb when she was placed on the texture fading program she has progressed to coarsely ground food, but we haven't been able to progress beyond that. We are working with speech and OT along with phone visits with the clinic in PA (we live in NY and its a 5 hour drive for us) but she still has not learned how to chew.

We have to teach her how to chew and then get her to carry that over into ever meal. Alexis has a lot of trouble carrying over skills in addition to refusing to close her mouth (or open it so we can place food on her molars) to bite down on food. We have been able to get her to independently hold food and place it between her front teeth, but most times she just suck on it and not really bite down.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and have any other suggestions that we might try?
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