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September 23rd, 2007, 06:42 PM
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The treatment options are usually:
1. Oral contraceptives to try to cover up the hormone deficiencies and manage bleeding. This is sometimes effective, sometimes not.
2. Reversal (restoring the blood flow to the ovaries usually helps them heal and regulate things once again, so less pain/less bleeding).
3. Hysterectomy (can include instant menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy if your ovaries are not in good enough condition to leave).
4. Endometrial Ablation - burning the inside of the uterus to reduce bleeding. Doesn't always work and the woman still winds up with a hysterectomy anyway. Doesn't do anything about the other hormonal symptoms (hot flashes, weight gain, depression) - just the bleeding[/b]
So really, there is no easy treatment... I am only 26, so I am not sure that my dr would even let me have a hysterectomy (and I don't really want one....I just REALLY want to stop hurting!!!) BCP make me very sick...I have never been able to take them as directed... and I am NOT getting a reversal!! LOL Thanks for your help anyway.... I guess I can just put on my big girl panties and buy stock piles of ibuprofen!!!

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