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September 23rd, 2007, 08:00 PM
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I am 11 weeks pregnant so I know it's early, but I love thinking about names and I really want to have some suggestions for when we really seriously start thinking about this later. For a girl, our (or maybe mostly my) current front runner is Erin Evangeline. Erin is my name but for some reason hubby keeps bringing it up as a name for our daughter. Evangeline is my favourite name and we would call her this, or Eve for short. I am SOOO excited that this is a possibility because for about 4 years now hubby has been bent on naming a daughter Cadence. I used to love it, then it got trendy, and even though I still think it's a very pretty name, I am not wanting to use it anymore. Besides that, we were going to use the nn Cadi, but now I have a new SIL Katie and I see her a lot so that doesn't really work. So I am really excited to use Evangeline instead.

Now for boys.....there are lots of names I like, but not really any I love. I guess my list would include Judah (we almost named our third son this), Cale, Colby (but I am afraid it is too much like Toby to be able to use), Andrew (a little boring for me ), Shane (not too sure on this one), Noah, Ezra, Jonah..... I guess I like a lot of Old Testament names. I like names that are different but heard of, and I am definitely not into trendy. Names like Brayden don't appeal to me at all. I also like Elijah/Eli but my last name is very similar so that wouldn't work.

So, if you have actually read the whole book I've just typed (!!!) then feel free to comment or suggest boy names!! Thank you!
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