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September 24th, 2007, 01:44 PM
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OK, here's the scenario (with made-up names, of course).

Grace and Annette go to school together. They're pretty good friends. Grace gets married and becomes pregnant. Her daughter is named Mathilde Lynn, which Annette liked and approved of.

Annette moves away and they lose contact. They email once or twice during the next couple of years but that's it. Annette doesn't know Mathilde at all because she was only around the first few months of her life.

Annette gets pregnant and compiles a name list. A lot of Grace's favorite names are on it (apparently they have similar taste). She even considers naming her baby Mathilde Grace or Grace Mathilde. The children will never really know one another ... they might meet once or twice at their mothers' reunion parties but never be friends. Annette and Grace no longer have the same circle of friends either.

Is it okay for Annette to name her baby Mathilde Grace (or Grace Mathilde, either way)? Is this "name stealing"? Mathilde is an uncommon name; does this make it more or less acceptable? Would you feel awkward if an old friend of yours named her baby in the same way (your daughter's name plus your name)? Would you assume Annette was trying to be mean in some way? That she is a copycat and envies Grace? Or would you think she just really likes the names?

Some people I happen to know got very upset over a situation like this and I was wondering what your takes on it would be!
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