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September 24th, 2007, 06:46 PM
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You really need to pm me the real names.

Yeah, I'd be upset. Picking a name for your baby is very hard (As I am now learning!!! ) and I wouldn't. I'd pick a similar sound, style, or a variant. Why is Annette a meanie pants baby name stealer?

Is this something you're considering to do and you want to be given support to help your guilty conscience?!?! [/b]
Yes it is hard! I don't know why she's pretty set on Mathilde Grace ... she says she just loves Mathilde and likes Grace with it. I can't get inside her head so no idea if that's actually the case or she's TRYING to be a meanie pants baby name stealer!

I originally didn't realize Mathilde was Grace's baby's name. I knew she'd HAD a baby but not the specifics. Then I mentioned that Annette was considering it, and I got lots of comments on how mean that is. I didn't know if it would be universally considered mean or what!

I'll PM you the real name if you want, I just don't want it to be Google-able (and it would!).
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