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September 24th, 2007, 06:50 PM
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This sort of rings a very sore spot with me esp with Everleighs name. I need to say I dont think that I invented the name BUT I absolutely have to say that I never saw the name, regardless of the spelling, anywhere. I have been deeply involved with many of the baby naming boards since I was pg with Jaiden (about 5.5 years) and never remember seeing the name Everleigh anywhere.

Now I see it on alot on sites and I hate it. I probably should be flattered but I am not. I came up with the name on my own.........not in some book or on someones most favorie name list, or on some guilty pleasure list of yes I feel its a bit of a rip off when I see people use it but not given may be wrong but its still how I feel.

And I have to add that most of the people who had it on a list or have used it I politely confronted and have admitted that they saw my dd's name, fell in love with it, and used it............still its not flattering to me. I dont feel the same way about Jaidens name or Emersens............just Everleighs name.
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