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September 26th, 2007, 02:40 PM
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I've been trying to work with and on the carpet in there the last two days. I hope DH checks his cell phone after work and gets my message about picking me up some tack nails with heads on them. So I can use them to hold the carpet in place. One corner so far is pieced together with multiple pieces of carpet but it's not going to be in an area that is often seen so we aren't too worried about that.

We ended up with more carpet than we did carpet padding (but can't complain it was given to us at no cost) so some of it won't be padded but, I don't think that will hurt it either. With any luck at all I should be able to start moving our bedroom furniture into it starting this Sunday or next week. Than I get the fun of cleaning our old room thoroughly so it's all ready to be turned into a nursery.

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