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January 6th, 2005, 11:29 AM
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My two eldest children spent Christmas with us. Genevieve's dad told her before she left to see if she could stay--unfortunately he was just being a jerk to Gi and not serious. However, she wants to move in with me. I KNEW this day would come but now that it has I am unsure how to deal wiht it. I say "yes" come live wiht me as soon as I move back north to a bigger house. We are in a 3 bedroom wiht soon to be 5 kids right now so she would have no peace plus the schools suck here. The problem is that I KNOW I am going to have to fight wiht Myles to get her to be able to live wiht me. The ocurt battle and everything. He is very unreasonable and he would be losing his slave, because that is exactly what she is. she called me twice after she got home yesterday. Once at 8 pm when she was getting dinner ready for Myles and Mickey. I feel she has never had a cjhildhood and am really donw on myslef for allowing them to go with him in the first place. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I really thought he wouldn't last wiht them but he has done a great job. I would never begrudge him that. But Gi is a young woman now and really needs me.......UGH I am so torn. DAm I up to a legal battle? Will he just aquiesce? Does it HAVE to get nastyy? It is like pulling teeth kjust to get them on vacations and even then I don't get them very often although we have joint leagal cusotdy. Anyione deal wiht this? Do the courts take the children's feelings into consideration? Will they listen to her? Do I need to get her a lawyer? I have a few months to work all this out and really need advice.
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