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September 27th, 2007, 12:49 PM
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Hey ladies. im just lurking because I was a teen mom. I got pregnant when i was 17 and of course it was totally unplanned. I was freaked and all i could do was cry but my husband (boyfriend at the time) was happy as could be. I gave birth 2 weeks before my highschool graduation. Everyone thought I would drop out but i didnt. My daughter was there to watch me cross that stage. Now im taking some college courses. Now I have a beautiful happy and healthy 3 year old and Im 18 weeks pregnant (this one was planned). It was very scary and very hard but its worth every second of it. So good luck to all your girls. Prove everyone that has something bad to say wrong because you will hear alot of people talk ##### about you. So good luck and congrats to all of you!

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