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September 27th, 2007, 08:56 PM
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I think I posted on here earlier... I had just found out I was expecting our 4th baby unexpectidly. I thought I should update.... I wish it were good news in that my husband was finally excited. But it's not.... I really thought he was doing ok with the whole idea... but he blew that out of the water today... I asked him if he thought he would be able to get time off the be present for the birth. and he said he didnt think so ... I said well that kinda sucks his remark was... you should have thought about that before you got pregnant! ...... what the heck???!!! I didnt get pregnant... it was just as much him as it was me!!!!! I am really scared that this baby is going to wreck our marriage.... what am I supposed to do??? What happened to the man I married??!! Why is this suddenly MY problem??? What ever happened to for better or worse??? I am broken hearted I dont know where to turn!
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