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September 28th, 2007, 04:15 PM
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any sperm would come back down when you first stood up, or soon there after (and yes, you can feel it). However, you could be feeling some of your own bodily fluids (unless you're accustomed to having sex with a condom and are aware of what usually happens with your body during/after sex). If you're feeling it much later (as in hours or days) then it is most likely unrelated to the sex itself (unless it has something to do with being pregnant.. in which case it would be indirectly related to the sex. lol. That would be days and days later, though.)

In my experience, if a man pulls out (successfully) you don't usually feel anything coming out afterwards (unless it be something of your own). If you did, and that's not normal.. then there most likely was some sort of semen in there. Just my opinion.

If he truly did pull out in time, there is (of course) the possibility that you could be pregnant, however it is significantly less.

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