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September 28th, 2007, 08:41 PM
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My last ivf cycle i got my hopes WAYYY up that i would get pregnant and that my fertilized embryo's would make it. However I did not get preg and all my embryo's either arrested or were poor quality by day 6.

*for those that do not know my cycles are a little different than normal ivf. I go through a surgery to retrieve the eggs then put 4 eggs mixed with sperm into my fallopian tubes within minutes of retrieving them. The left over eggs are then fertilized for a later pregnancy. So needless to say we were really counting on the left over embryo's to make it so I wouldnt have to go through another surgery.

When I got the call on day 6 that my embies didnt make it I was horrified and spent the next 3 days sobbing and being miserable. I had myself convinced that since they didnt make it in the lab there was no way they could make it inside of me. I think its very possible that I didnt get preg because of my emotional state during that 2ww. I was recovering from the surgery and I was very sad and depressed. I didnt just cry I was sobbing so hard that I would make myself sick. At the time I couldnt make myself calm down and I think this is what ultimately ruined our chances of pregnancy with the 4 eggs transferred.

So now with my 2nd cycle I think im more prepared for letdowns and I hope I wont take it quite so hard if my embryo's do not make it again. I plan on staying CALM, RELAXED AND OPTIMISTIC with this cycle alll the way through the 2ww.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me on what you did during your 2ww to stay calm and relaxed. I was thinking maybe having my best friend go with me to a day spa and getting the royal treatment, maybe trying acupuncture again, ...I just want to have some activities planned for the 2ww that will keep my mood light and relaxed. This might very well be our last cycle and I want to do everything I can to help achieve a pregnancy.

If you guys have any suggestions I'd LOVE to hear them!! Thanks!

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