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September 23rd, 2005, 07:20 PM
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Pre-Labor Contractions
(Braxton Hicks)
  • * Generally tighten only portions of the uterus, rarely with back pressure
    * Usually with short duration (15-45 seconds)
    * Do not increase in intensity
    * May not become closer together
    * Usually irregular in occurence
    * Changing activity or position may make them stop
    * walking does not make them stronger
Pre-labor contractions are your body's way of preparing your uterus for the big day! These contractions are the cause of concern in many women. Uterine activity starts as early as 8 weeks in a pregnancy. If in doubt always call your caregiver. Dehydration can cause frequent contractions because the woman's total blood fluid volume has been reduced so by drinking more water when you are active and increasing your food intake with activity you can keep these contraction's at a healthy normal. When you are active and sweat make sure you give back to your body and baby with food and water.

Also try a bath as soaking in a tub of water helps to push fluids into the blood stream. And rest if you had an active day. Your body is already doing so very much so please take care when your active and pregnant.

Read about nutrition and it's role in pregnancy and preterm labor at (

Labor Contractions
(Let's have a baby!)
  • *Tighten the entire uterus and may be felt as back pressure or low in the abdomen.
    *The contractions become longer (up to 60 sec.)
    *Become progressively stronger in intensity
    *Become closer together
    *Most often become regular in occurrence
    *Changing activity or position does not make them stop
    *Walking may make them stronger
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