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September 29th, 2007, 12:14 PM
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I'm a teen mom too, and like megan said you should join us on the teen mommies and mommies to be board

I am 18 and just recently got married this week ( pregnancy was not the reason!) and my DH JUST turned 18. our baby was definately NOT planned, as well it couldn't have come at a worse time :[ DH had just got kicked out of home, school and lost his GREAT paying job, I dropped out of school to support him. we decided we were going to get married and found an apartment because in my family it would be a disgrace for us to live together ( though we did the whole month before we were married) about a month later I took a pregnancy test because I was feeling "off" it came up positive within the first 5 secs, I took 2 more just to confirm it. At first I was so afraid and considered abortion although I would have never done it! But it turns out my family and close friends have all been UBER supportive and we will have lots of help.

and about the society thing -- I don't think it's really frowned upon as much anymore or maybe I just don't notice because I live in a big city and it happens all the time? personally I don't care what other people think about me ... just hold your head up high and ignore all the nastiness that may be aimed at you in the next 9 months to come

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