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September 29th, 2007, 08:34 PM
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I understand how you feel however remember God doesn't make mistakes
and even though it may be hard for you to achieve your goals it's not impossible.
If you have a strong support system use them and don't be afraid. I myself
am 38 and have 6 children a daugher 21,son's 20 (Marines),twins 17,15 and 13
yrs old plus im pregnant now and by no means was this planned. An ex and I decided
to hook up and spend time with each other and boom however him and I were under
the assumption that I couldn't get pregnant cause thats what I was told 13 yrs ago.
I was suppose to get an D&C&E done cause my pregnancy is High Risk however
lets just say everything that could go wrong has went wrong and til this day I still
don't have a sugery date and im currently 11weeks and 6days. So im thinking im
suppose to have this child which would be a Blessing from God as all children are.
If you do choose an abortion please be prepared because that thought never leaves
you. I know this all too well cause I had an abortion when I was younger and to this
day the image or procedure has not left my thoughts and the same goes for my friends
that have went thru that. Just pray and let God guide you.
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