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September 30th, 2007, 07:28 PM
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Do you have a list of what coupons you will use when you go in??

I take with me all the coupons I plan to use plus any that I might use if the price/urge is right.

Of do you take them all in and take time to sort them... Do you just keep them in a envelope and pull them out as needed???

Everything is presorted to make it easier while at the store. I use a regular envelope to keep them all together. Once I know which ones I'm definitely using at the end of my shopping, I put those in my pocket with my money so I won't forget them.

Do you search ads before hand??

Yes, absolutely! If I'm going to a regular grocery store like Pubix or Winn Dixie, I'm only going because there are thing(s) I'm there to buy. I look through the ads, consult my available coupons, and compare prices between stores. Then I make up a list with each store's purchases so I don't forget what I'm there to get. (Yes, I'm that forgetful!)

What if something if Free after mail in rebate?? Can i still use my coupon? Do i end up making money? Or will i just get a smaller rebate check for the amount out of pocket i paid??

You CAN use coupons with any rebate. That's the fun part because you can make money on it instead of just getting it for free. Or at least get a bigger discount if the item isn't FAR (free after rebate). Unless the rebate specifically mentions deducting the amount of a coupon for it (I've had one that said this because the rebate was with a coupon in the paper), you will get the full price that is listed on the receipt-- up to the limit amount specified.

Do all stores take coupons... I know meijer and krogers would.. but will Walgreen's??

There are a few stores that won't. I know Big Lots doesn't. I don't know if convenience stores do. But the majority of stores will take coupons. Any pharmacy such as CVS/Walgreens does.
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