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October 1st, 2007, 12:02 AM
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I was the second girl to get pregnant as teen in town in like that last six years I have been here but the first to honestly come out and talk about it. Now, everyone is pregnant and they act like it is a trent. Of course where I stay at, very high class people, it is frowned on heavily. But I am 19 and I have two and I am pregnant with three and could give a care less. I am happy and that's all that matters. People talked about Jesus hun so they are gonna talk about you or any other teen or older mother, just love to talk.

But you are doing something that most don't, you are choosing to have life and not abort. I thought about it for a quick sec as I was just as scared as can be but I know in the end everything will work out.

My first son's father in no way was there through my pregnancy and up until 8 months ago came into life, at his second birthday party he showed up. Now he is slacking once again and I starting to get that just leave us along don't have time for your lies kinda feeling. My fiance though has been there through my pregnancy, court, testing, and all with my first and loves him. But when I was pregnant with Jerry he was so involved in working that he never went to but one appointment, this time I put my foot down and he knows he has to be there.

But not all bf's are gonna be there for ever but they will be a father so don't just let him get away with money. Its not always about money, sometimes its just about love. Anyone can send money.
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