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October 1st, 2007, 12:03 PM
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Today I had an ultrasound (belly) and two nurses couldn't hear my baby's heart and they told me I was going through a miscarriage. The sack is normal and the baby's size too but the limbs aren't too developed yet.
I called my clinic and a doctor told me it was common not to hear the baby's heart that way and that if i wasn't bleeding, no cramping, etc.. and I had no vaginal ultrasound then I should not worry (and he read my tests on the computer and they returned normal).
On the internet I read that one of the signs is do I feel pregnant, I don't know!

Anybody had that happened before?? I have an vaginal ultrasound planned tonight at 6pm but I want to know if anybody has gone through this before me.

Thank you
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