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October 1st, 2007, 06:33 PM
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I went through the same thing, but I wasn't so far along. I was only 6 weeks and they told me that the baby was probably dead. I went back for anothe ultrasound 2 weeks later and they found the heartbeat and everything was developing normally.

When I went on to later give birth they tried to tell me that I wasn't overdue and that I was actually only 36 weeks or something as they were going by the first ultrasound. I fought with them and sure enough I was overdue which was obvious when she was born. When I got a utrasound done when I was overdue the ultrasound tech told me that the person who did my ultrasound was crazy because there was no way that it was a correct ultrasound. I think because they put that I was going to have an abortion (though I never said that) so the ultrasound tech just "guessed" her way

Anyways as you are further along then i was I cannot say it is the same for you. I hope so for your sake!!
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