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October 1st, 2007, 10:08 PM
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Im 19 && have a 7 month old daughter & my husband and I are expecting our second one in february. Every bit of it is worth it, no matter how young you are.

Lots of people assume we live with parents or something but we dont. We have our own house. (no rent ). and pay all of our bills. So We're just as ###### grown up as anyone else.[/b]
Hi there. I actually got married to my first love when I was 18 and we got pregnant about 4 months after that (we were ttc), and had our first daughter sometime after I turned 19. I am now 20 and we are expecting our second for the end of November. But yeah I went a year of college at 16 and I've actually been pretty much on my own since 17 and my husband, well before that.
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