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October 1st, 2007, 11:24 PM
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Try not to freak out all the way until you know what is going on 100% With my first daughter they couldnt get a heart beat until i was about 15 weeks along unless they did the vaginal ultra sound. She is here today and healthy.... I hope for the best for you!! Please let us know whats going on... [/b]
I pray for my baby to be alive but how could they be wrong... she is a trained tech....
I am calling my clinic first thing in the morning.
I will ask for a vaginal ultrasound, just to be sure ( she did mine on the belly).
She didn't hear any heartbeat and said I was having a miscarriage. I said "are you sure" and she replied "yes, I am sure".

And you know, people were so nice with me before and all of the sudden they became so cold and distant, tossing medical terms at me like if we were talking about a dead puppy. Like if I had cancer or something nasty and contagious.
I understand they don't want to put any sugar coating but is that reason not to be human beings anymore? I don't care if she's a tech and that's what she does for a living, that's not the first child that she sees but that's MY baby she was talking about and I was expecting more respect for life.

So now what.. should I wait for a natural miscarriage..I don't know.. surgery ..? What if she is wrong? I know she's right.

Some people will tell you that a 10 weeks pregnancy is not a big loss, I will tell you that I'd give my life without a second thought to have my baby back.
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