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October 2nd, 2007, 04:38 PM
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Im so sorry. You will get pregnant in due time. You might want to talk to the ladies on the pregnancy loss board- not sure where its at - but its somewhere on here. I have heard that they are wonderful about helping you get past this difficult time. And dont let anyone tell you its not a big deal. It was a child, your child, and losing it no matter what time is hard.[/b]
You know, it hit me a few hours ago. I can get pregnant again. I don't want to let go yet BUT I have to be strong and remember that some women cannot conceive at all. I am lucky that I had my baby for 10 weeks. This thought has been helping me a lot.

I am going to make a box with all my memories, u/s pictures, the notebook I had started to write for my baby, etc...

I wish you the best and I will remember this: a baby is a blessing, a gift from God.
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