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October 3rd, 2007, 04:14 AM
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Well, I went to use the bathroom at work and when I wiped I noticed blood, very light and two wipes and it was gone. I immediately left work and went to the hospital down the street. I sat in the waiting room for three hours going crazy and being worried. They finally did blood work and then sent for an u/s. I asked her was everything okay because I couldn't see anything and she said fine, right on target. I was like there is nothing there and I was like there is no way I could have had a miscarriage with that little blood and she said "miscarriage, your blood work shows you are only 1-3 weeks pregnant" I was like I haven't had a cycle since August 4th, although they have been screwed up and come when they want. Then she said that bleeding I experienced was more then likely implantation bleeding because my endometreis (sp) was very thick and ripe as my body is preparing for pregnancy.

Of course this raises many questions, like how does a home pregnancy test pick up HCG levels at 1-3 weeks? She said I took an early response which lets you know at 3 weeks and 2 days if you are pregnant or not in most cases and HCG levels differ in everyone.

When the doctor came in he said I am only 2-3 weeks pregnant, leaning towards 2, according to blood work but of course that is hard to tell when you can't see anything on a u/s yet. But he said my HCG levels were fine, did a pelvix exam and said everything looked good, and sent me home with a list of doctors to call.

But help me, is is possible to pick up a pregnancy that early? I mean don't women ovulate then? I can see three weeks but 2, or could it be a late two. Even so I took those tests Friday. The same test in my siggy.
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