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October 3rd, 2007, 06:06 AM
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No we have done the deed in september. But I called the hospital and asked them to explain it better and she said that my HCG beta level from my quantatitive tests peaked at 276! So of course I went on the internet for more info about this test and basically I learned that:

When you are pregnant the level of hCG increases and usually doubles every two to three days. It then reaches a maximum level by the second or third month of pregnancy, followed by a decrease occurring in the third trimester.

Here are typical hCG Beta values in pregnant women up to 22 days post-retrieval (DPR) or days post-ovulation (DPO).
DPR or DPO Amount of hCG in mIU/ml

10 5 - 50

12 10 - 100

14 20 - 200

16 40 - 400

18 70 - 800

20 140 - 1600

22 180 - 3200

Here are the hCG Beta values given by the number of weeks after ovulation:after the 1st week and 2 days 5.0 to 50.0 mUI/ml

Between 1st and 2nd week 5.0 to 500.0 mUI/ml

Between 2nd and 3rd week 100.0 to 5,000.0 mUI/ml

Between 3rd and 4th week 500.0 to 10,000.0 mUI/ml

Between 4th and 5th week 1,000.0 to 50,000.0 mUI/ml

Between 5th and 6th week 10,000.0 to 100,000.0 mUI/ml

Between 6th and 8th week 15,000.0 to 200,000.0 mUI/ml

Between 8th and 12th week 10,000.0 to 100,000.0 mUI/ml

So I guess I am really a about month along?

I don't even know why I went there. They don't even deliver babies.
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