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October 3rd, 2007, 10:14 AM
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I'm a lurker on this board and saw this and thought I would tell you what happened with me. And how the medical thinks works.....I was late by more than a week and like you very irregular when it comes to AF. I went to the Dr's because I was having bad sharp pains in my kidney......they test my urine for kidney problems then come back to the room...tell me it's all clear and then proced to ask me...what's the chances of you being preggo.....I tell um there's always a chance. So they tested me. it's they were guessing me to be 8 weeks along. So 2 weeks later I go iin for my ultrasound and low and behold there's no baby in the uterus just what they call a yolk sac, and no sign of a baby at all. I assumed It was a blighted ovum (an egg that just didn't form right but body was still acting as it was pregnant). So after having blood work done and another ultrasound they were pretty sure I was pregnant. But I was only 3 weeks along. Now in medical terms.....they add 2 weeks on to the real amount of time you are if they tell you that you are 8 weeks prego you are technically only 6 weeks.

So I had a positive prego test at the Dr's office when I was really only 1 week along.

Also it is very common for a embryo to not implant untill well into the 5th-6th week of pregnancy. that is why in my ultrasounds they didn't see a baby.....she was still floating down the fulopian tube.

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