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October 3rd, 2007, 03:23 PM
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Well, I am feeling better. We saw a heartbeat today at the ultrasound. My dr lauged and said that he was holding his breath with me because I had 7 mature follicles and he had been nervous to let me go ahead with the IUI. He was very surprised to only see 1 baby in me. I was just so relieved to see a heartbeat. I am 6weeks and 2 days. The heartbeat was 109. He said that was great for where we are. I thought it should be a little stronger, but he said it was fine. He wants me to go back on October 15th to be scanned again.

He also did talk to me about Gestational Diabetes. I have PCOS and my thryroid has tested borderline for the last few years. He wants my thyroid to be checked every month. He was going to contact my dr today to talk to her about his expectations for my care during this pg. I LOVE that! I really appreciated his care and proactiveness.

So, thanks for praying today. I'm going to keep praying, but do feel much better now!

Well, today when I got home from work I noticed that I had some blood on my underwear. When I went to use the restroom I passed some tissue and had bright red blood on the toilet paper. I am so upset. I paged the nurse and she said to come in in the morning. She said that it's probably nothing, but I am scared to death. I can't believe that it could all be over with so soon. Infertility is the hardest thing I can imagine going through.

Me - 31
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