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October 4th, 2007, 06:29 PM
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I am so freaking sick of this.

Thursday 20 Sept - faint BFP - first response dip stick
Thursday 20 Sept - BFN - first response mid stream
Saturday 22 Sept - BFP - discovery midstream
Sunday 23 Sept - BFN - clear blue dip stick
Sunday 23 Sept - BFN - discovery midstream
Sunday 23 Sept - period arrives

Thursday 4 Oct - BFP - quick stick midstream
Thursday 4 Oct - BFP - quick stick midstream
Thursday 4 Oct - ultrasound - nothing visible on vaginal or abdominal
Friday 5 Oct - BFP - quick stick midstream (a little fainter than y/day, but only to someone who is staring at them all hard out to try and notice a difference!)

What the heck do I think ladies?

I should be 5w5d today - so my ultrasound y/day was performed at 5w4d - considering that implantation happened around the normal time. My midwife said that my 'period' could have been implantation bleeding...

As far as symptoms go, weird cramps at times, slightly sore boobs, can't eat sushi (same with Gaby pregnancy), craving peanut butter on toast (same with Gaby pregnancy), sore back

Has anyone had a scan at 5w4d? Did you see anything either vaginally or abdominally?
Not seeing anything at 5w4d, what are the chances of seeing something at 7-8 weeks?

I haven't been for my blood test yet, I guess that, along with an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks is really the only way to know for sure?

has ANYONE experienced something like this???

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