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October 4th, 2007, 10:42 PM
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Date: 10.01.2007
Time: 11:12pm
Weight: 6lbs 10oz
Length: 20.5 inches

As you know, my water broke at 7am Monday morning. I wasn't positive at first, so was still going to go to work. I was also planning on calling my doctor to see if I could change my appointment to Monday (rather than Tuesday). I was in my car sitting in the driveway when I felt the urge to pee I shut off my car, grabbed my purse and went back in the house. Made it to the bathroom, and sat down and had a gush. I called Ken and told him turn around and come water broke. (I'd also slammed my heels into the floor 3 times to triple check while Ken was on his way home ) When he got home, he paged our doctor...and I started calling my mom. But I couldn't get ahold of her. I finally figured out after 15 minutes of calling her work phone and cell phone that her work phones were out and that she must have forgotten her cell (both ended up being right on the nose). I swear we waited FOREVER for the doctor to call us back. My cell phone rang at 7:45 and I didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway cause I wasn't sure what number the doctor would call us back at. It ended up being my mom. She just had a feeling she needed to call me...cause she just had a feeling.

Anywho. Doctor finally called us back, told us to come into his office, no appointment, so he could check to see if my water had broken.'s the thing pants were sopping wet by the time we got to the office even though I'd had a pad in...if it wasn't my water, I was having serious issues. Luckily, since my mom was with us, she thought to show the doc the very wet pad. And since his test wasn't showing anything, he sent us to the hospital. We ended up running back by the house and picking up my hospital bag (cause I KNEW i was in this for the long haul) and then off to the hospital. Once we got up to L&D they were ready for me.

I went in, changed to the lovely robe, and made sure to NOT throw away the clean pad I changed to before leaving my doctor's office for the nurse to see. She was a sweetheart and picked up the pad, laid the PH strip on it and it turned blue...quickly. She turned to me and said "you're in this for the long haul". While I was excited, I was also scared...cause this was it. They got me up and walking to get my contractions stronger and closer together, because when she checked me when I got there, I was only at 2 and 65%. She gave me the wonderful hospital panties, which she said were Victoria's Other Secrets, and a pad and we went walking the halls. The more we walked, the more I had to stop and breath through my contractions. My mom would rub my hands, and Ken would rub my lower back (cause that's what hurt most). After about 30 or 45 minutes of walking, we went back to the room and I sat in the glider in there...talking and breathing through contractions...just waiting on things to pick up.

My contractions were coming about every two and a half minutes at one point...but the next time they checked me (which was at like 3:30 or 4), I was only at a 3...barely...but 80% effaced. At that point, I asked for my epi. I thought if those little contractions weren't doing much, I'd hate to see what the really big ones would do without the pain meds. So they called my doc (he was still at the office finishing out his appointments), and he said to let another doc prep me for the epi and to put an internal monitor on Keegan. When the doc came to do the epi, they had me lat on my left side and curl up in a ball the best I could. Ken was allowed to stay and hold my hand while she put the epi in place. I cried. Not because it hurt, but because I was terrified of having it put in even though it would alliviate the pain I'd been feeling. I'm surprised Ken still has fingers.

Anyway. After the epi, I wasn't feeling the contractions at all. My mom and dad were allowed to come back in and sit with us (mom had been there with me all day). After I got the epi, the nurse told me I should try and take a nap, as I'd need to be well rested when it came time to push. So, my dad went out in the waiting room (with my grandpa who showed up shortly after they put the epi in), and Ken went for a walk to get something to drink. I was just relaxed and almost asleep, when 3 nurses flew in. Keegan's heart rate dipped really low for some reason...and they weren't sure why. So they made me flip from side to side for about an hour to try and get his heart rate normal again. After that, there was no more sleeping or resting for me. They also put the oxygen mask on me, which made it hard to talk or even think about sleeping.

At around 7, my doctor finally showed up...talked to us (Ken, myself and mom) briefly about the dip in heartrate, checked my cervix (which was a like a 4), and talked to us about checking me again around 9:30 that night and then possibly making a decision on having a c-section. I was at a point then that if they decided then it was best for me and baby to do a c-section, then I was all for it. Especially because I was starting to feel pressure from the contractions again...and they were really pretty bad. But, Ken sat there and let me squeeze his fingers and breath through the pressure. My poor mom was so worried about me. I guess at one point we were talking and I was mid sentence and like nodded she kind of raised her voice and said "SEAN??" I woke up then and couldn't remember what I'd been saying. I honestly don't remember that at all...I was so out of it.

At around 9, my nurse came in (all the nurses I had were wonderful, especially the night nurse for labor and delivery), and I guess Keegan's heart rate was still dipping...and he was in distress. So, I looked at my mom and really my eyes told her I was ready to just be done with this labor. Ken kissed my head...and I told him "I'm ready to be done with this. If a c-section is the safest way, then we should just go that route." He agreed. He hated seeing me in so much discomfort because he wasn't sure how to help ease my pain and discomfort. But, he was wonderful through the whole thing.

The doctor's came in aroune 9:30, I was sooooooooooooooo tired I don't even remember everything they said...I was pretty much just nodding and saying "yeah" to whatever they said. My mom told them that if they thought c-sec was the way to go, then we were ready for it. She cried...cause she hated seeing me in pain and not being able to help. But I think she was also scared cause I was going to have a c-section. Around 10, they started prepping me for surgery (the nurse shaved my lower belly, which didn't bother me I was just ready). I think I had tears rolling down my cheeks cause I was scared to be getting a c-sec...but knew it was best for me and Keegan. The doc came in to pump me full and numbe me via the epi and told me that I would still feel the pressure from the pulling out the baby and all that and not to worry when I did. I was just out of it. I almost feel like I kept passing out and coming to again and was odd really. They also made me drink alka seltzer to empty my digestive tract and gave me anti-biotics as well to make sure I was empty of everything in my tract. They were getting Ken dressed in scrubs...sadly, they pants they brought him didn't fit, so they had to go get him a bigger size.

As they rolled me into the OR just before 11 pm, I was shaking uncontrollably. The nurse and the epi doc asked if everything was ok. I think I said "i'm just shaking uncontrollably." Which they let me know was very normal given they'd just pumped so full of stuff. Anyway. When they got me into the OR I was still shaking and my entire upper body was freezing. When the transfered me from my labor bed to the OR bed, I suddenly felt very sick and let the epi doc know. She placed a pan by my head and I puked...but then felt better. After that, I don't remember much aside from while I was being ill they were talking about what time baby would be born (I assume) and the last time I heard was like 11:25. I swear to god I slept through the whole thing. Hard to explain cause I still heard everyone talking, but didn't feel a thing.

Here comes the interesting part. Within 10 minutes of me being on the table and ready, they were ready to cut. My doctor (who assists with c-sections only, he's not a surgon) turned around to talk to a nurse, and when he turned back around 2 minutes later, the surgon had me cut open, and Keegan out and hanging upside down. Time of birth was 11:12pm. Apparently, when they cut me open, it turned into an emergency c-section because Keegan's cord was tied in a knot. They had to bag him to get him to breath, and even after that, he didn't cry much (my brave little boy). All I remember is the male nurse or doctor (not sure which one he was) leaned down and woke me up to congratulate me and to make sure I was ok. I smiled, said I was ok, and thanked him. Ken ended up missing the birth because of the scrub issue, but was taken over to where Keegan was being weighed and measured and stayed with him from then on. I was able to watch them weigh and measure Keegan and knew he looked way smaller than we'd expected. Yup. He was a whole 6lbs 10oz and 20.5 inches. My tiny pumpkin. ;D

The nursery nurse got him all wrapped up and gave him to Ken to bring over and let me see and kiss and touch. Once Ken and Keegan were on their way to the nursery, I passed out again and was woken up when they were moving me to the recovery bed and wheeling me out of OR. I ended up in recovery for about 2 hours compared to the normal hour of hour and a half. Apparently, all the doctor's and nurses were saying the same thing about me...I was a tropper...and I exhausted them the way I reacted to everything and handled the pain and everything else.

They let my mom come into the recovery room (normally only daddy is allowed) and hold my hand and just talk to me while I was partly passed out yet again about how little Keegan was. She was so happy she was crying. She didn't stay long...she kissed my head and went out to the waiting room. She was able to go back and see Keegan in the nursery (where they took off all his clothes and diaper and riled him up so he'd really cry and clear out his lungs). My dad was also able to go see him in the nursery. I was glad to hear that.

My mom and dad left before they let me out of recovery because it was almost 1am and they were exhausted...and she came back to recovery and gave my nurse a big hug and thanked her for taking good care of me.

I was wheeled into my post partum room around 2am. And they brought Keegan in about 20 minutes later. I got to hold him and kiss him and talk to him for about 15 minutes or so. But I was soooooooooo tired I had Ken take him back to the nursery so I could sleep. Ken came back to the room, laid down and we slept.

It was such an exhausting day for all of us. But, so very happy as well.

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