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October 6th, 2007, 03:48 PM
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Caleb is 10 days old today and I'm just now getting around to writing his birth story. Amazing how a little person could keep me so busy!
Anyway, on September 26 I woke up to wet undies. I wasn't sure if my water had broken or what so I changed them and lay back down. After an hour I got up and more wet undies. I didn't gush as I had expected so I was a little unsure. I called the dr. and they got me in right away. My water indeed had broken and I was 95 % effaced. And the dr. said what I heard several times that day by everyone who examined me "oh, his head's right there!" That is a scary thing to be told for a first time mom. It conjurs up all sorts of thoughts and mental pictures!
I was admitted to the hospital at 11:15 and because I was only dialated to a one they started me on pitocin. It took forever for me to dialate! I was in no discomfort for several hours. I remember being really hungry and craving pb and j sandwiches. By 8:30 I was only dialated to a four, but was having some painful contractions which were really close together. The nurse (who had taught my childbirth class) thought I'd benefit from some statol (sp?) because it would help me relax and hopefully help me dialate. I told her I didn't want a whole dose and I didn't want it toward the end because I didn't want to be all loopy when the baby came. They gave me half a dose and then things began happening really fast. I went from being dialated at a four to a nine in 30 minutes. They weren't checking me very often because it was taking so long, but I suddenly got the shakes really bad and the contractions were horrible! She thought she'd better check and was really surprised. The nurses started scrambling, bringing stuff in and getting ready. I was so concentrated on this new pain that I was oblivious to exactly what they were doing. I did hear the nurses say several times "did someone tell the doctor?" and "Is Henke (my dr) coming?". My mom had left the room before the excitement to tell waiting family to go home because it looked like things were going to be awhile. I started asking for her and hubby had to run out and get her.
It all happened so fast! Before the dr. arrived I felt the urge to push, which I discovered is not instinctive at all. It took a couple of pushes before I realized I had to push like I was sitting on the toilet. They lost the heartbeat at this point and I could tell the nurse was concerned, but I had no time to wonder. The dr. came in, they put an oxygen mask on my face and I pushed like there was no tomorrow. It was the worse pain I'd ever felt, but I knew my baby was coming. I had my eyes closed for most of this and suddenly heard everyone saying "Heather, look!" I opened my eyes to see them putting my baby on my tummy. There he was all covered in goo and looking up at me. I'll never forget that moment as long as I live! It is etched in my mind and heart as the most beautiful moment of my life.
Caleb didn't cry right away and I remember asking if he was okay. My mind was foggy from the drugs and later I was thankful that I only had half a dose. The needle the dr. used to freeze me before stitching me up hurt and I remember wondering how I could've just gone through all that and still whine at the needle.
They entered his time of birth at 9:25. I was in labor for 10 and a half hours, but hard labor for less then 40 minutes! All the things I had worried about while being pregnant became totally insignificant at the time. My hubby had made it home in plenty of time too.
So, my pregnancy is over and my beautiful baby boy is here. I can't believe I'm sitting here writing this! I am so happy to be a mom and I'm so in love with my little boy!
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