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October 8th, 2007, 09:56 AM
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I just got an update from my MW. They held the funeral today. I cant imagine planning a funeral in the hours after the birth of my baby.

They declined an autopsy, she is confident that the baby died when he dropped and her water broke, and is ok with not knowing precisely why. She wanted to give her baby a peaceful exit from this life, and is doing surprisingly well (as well as anyone can).

I cant stop thinking of her. I told my H & my MW, I have this unusually strong attachment to this mother & baby. I hardly know her - I only met her when I came to do photos. But I feel for her as if she were my own sister. I honestly can say that after that hour in that room, I mourned that baby's death. I know that while I was in that room, to me that baby looked perfect & beautiful. Looking back at pictures, I see things that I certainly saw past while I was there.

I only met the mother for a couple hours, but I feel such an attachment to her. Hopefully she doesnt think I'm crazy... I'd like to personally deliver the photos, and I want to give her something special to remember that precious baby by.


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