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October 9th, 2007, 10:16 AM
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My very good friend and neighbor lost her 2 1/2 YO a few years ago when her 12 YO son accidentally ran over him with a Pick-up. I was pregnant at the time and remember thinking I'd rather lose a baby than a 2 YO. But, I don't know. At least Karen has 2 years of memories with her little boy. To never get to know him at all....that would be hard. Another friend lost her baby last year when he was 1 day old. They didn't know there were any problems, delivered by C at 39 weeks and her had some kind of bleeding problem. The capillaries couldn't contain the blood or something and it was seeping out throughout his body. She didn't know at birth and they didn't tell her until he was being transferred to another NICU. That had to be terrible too. Giving birth and being happy, thinking everything is OK, and then losing him so quickly.

It's hard for anyone to lose a child. At any age. Makes me just hug mine a little tighter and appreciate them even when they're driving me a little crazy. Puts things in perspective.

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