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October 10th, 2007, 03:00 AM
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I got my first lot of hcg results back - at 5w5d the hcg level was 330. From what I have found on the net that appears to be within the normal range. My midwife is sending out a form so I can get another test to see what the levels are doing. I hope like I've never hoped before, that the level is 2500+, which is ideally where it should be if it's been doubling as it should be. Part of me is too afraid to get the test incase the level is going down, or isn't doubling - but another part of me wants to know.. yesterday!

If I am pregnant, I should be 6w3d now - and the past two days I've been vomitting & feeling nauseous a lot, and also having dizzy spells - the morning sickness (well, anytime of the day sickness) makes me feel hopeful, that my hcg levels are increasing properly.

I guess after the 2nd blood test, the next step is to have another ultrasound - and hope like hell there is a baby very much present....

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