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October 10th, 2007, 07:50 AM
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I'd love to have one more, although I have to tell htis funny story.

I was feeling a little sad because Caleb just seems to be growing up so fast. I can't believe that he's almost one!! It seriously just seems like I brought him home a few months ago.

Anyway, I was sitting on my stairs and told Jordan of how I was feeling and that we're going to have to have another baby soon. Then I went on to say, "and when she (yeah, she ) grows up to fast, I'll have tp have another one and when he/she grows up we'll have to have another one and..."

he interetupped to me and said, I'm having no more after 3.

SO, I guess we might be having a total of 3 at most.

I'm happy with that. But definitely two. I would like for Caleb to have a little brother/sister to play with.
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