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October 10th, 2007, 08:01 AM
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so in my post yesterday i mentioned my regular doc was not in. i had bloodwork and an u/s yesterday to check follicles. the nurse left me a msg last night that my CD7 estrogen was 215. i called her this morning, i asked if it was high, low, normal, what and she said 'this is just what your's is for this month'. well no kidding. doesn't she know us TTC gals are frantically searching the internet to know what is normal?

anyone else know their values? i am to continue on 150units of Gonal-F thru tomorrow night and go in Friday at 8:30 for another u/s. ugh!


Started TTC October 2005
TTC w/MA starting May 2007
April 2007-DH SA all normal
May 2007-Clomid - BFN
June 2007-Clomid w/HCG Trigger & IUI- BFN
July 2007-Clomid w/HCG Trigger &IUI-BFN
August 2007-Clomid - BFN
October 2007-Gonal-F w/HCG Trigger & IUI - BFN

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