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September 27th, 2005, 08:57 AM
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He comes to us every other weekend.......and I dread every other weekend. He annoys me and I used to feel so bad that I felt this......but, now I have been accepting it and I realize that I do not have to like him. He's spoiled and he gets under my skin.[/b]
does DH know you can't sdtand his son, at 8 are lots of times like that....its a phase...when your child is 8 I am sure he/she will get on someones nerves too...

why marry a man and you know you don't like his child?

When your new baby comes will you openly favor that child?

Lots to consider here.....wishing you the best of luck, but kids are going to go through annoying stages, at any age, not excusing his spoiled behavior but some of it is par for the also have to consider his feelings, how is he handeling his parents nto being together? How do you think he feels about the pregnancy? Kids are just little people....they have feelings and emotions too..could some of his behavior just be acting out?

Have you guys considered family counseling? I don't think its a good idea to say 'well I don't have to like him'...would you feel comfortable sending your child off with someone who didn't really like him/her?

I say explore his behavior, get to the bottom of it and try to heal the relationship.

Also what is his mother like, she may be a part of his bahavior too...never know what info she is pumping into the boy. he is still a young child...