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January 7th, 2005, 06:16 PM
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Ughhhh....bed rest!
I was HOSPITALIZED an hour away from home on complete bedrest (which meant one 5 min. shower a day and up to go potty only) from 23 wks. until 36 wks.

I had been on bedrest at home on brethine from 21-23 wks. first, but the brethine wasn't strong enough. My perinatologist put me in the hospital one morning when she saw that I was contracting on the home monitor.
I had to be on a terbutilene pump and have IV magnesium sulfate off and on.

I used a laptop in the hospital and did A LOT of scrapbooking and reading!
I also like the books on tape-sometimes trying to read the actual book required too much patience!

It can get very depressing and feel very lonely at times. I kept a daily journal that I read each year at the time of my daughters birthday!

Keep your chin up!
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