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October 15th, 2007, 06:35 AM
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Well, I had a lot of activity this weekend and I lost my plug, so I am hopeful that I might be at 3 cm at my midwife visit today. She is going to strip my membranes a second time and then have me use my breastpump to do nipple stimulation to try and get some regular contractions if the stripping doesnt take care of it. After that, if I want, she is going to start an herbal induction with blue and black cohosh.

Im really irritated that I am having to deal with this. I so wanted him to come on his own. And I may yet decide that he should, and to just wait it out after being stripped a second time. I just dont understand what his holdup is.

Please pray that there is a clear indication about whether or not I should go on with the herbal induction. It has the potential to make my labor longer and more difficult than if I just waited. I dont know how comfortable I am with waiting him out, though, being that I am 41 weeks and he is 10 pounds. The 10 pounds is not really a rough estimate, its pretty accurate. My 39 weekers were 9 lbs 0 and 9 lbs 4, and my midwife is judging his size based on feel, not on US measurements.

Especially if he is doing well and my BP is good and everything, I will probably just keep waiting until I cant stand it anymore. I don't know if my emotional state will allow me to go to 42 and beyond. I am 10 days more pregnant than I have ever been already.

I didnt sleep well and Im really nervous. I know people get induced all the time, and because its totally my decision and Ive never been faced with it before, I am nervous. And there's a good chance I will not go for ther herbs, rather just see what the second stripping does.

I will check in and keep you updated if there is anything to report later.


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