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October 15th, 2007, 11:17 AM
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Well my situation may be slightly different b/c my son was 7 yrs old. But I also had a 3 yr old step son that we knew it was possible that I might go into labor while he was with us visiting.

We had a cousin "on call" to come & tend to my son (or the boys) while i was in labor. That meant shed either tend to them at home or take them out if need be. When we decided it woudl be my cousin our requirrements were they be able to 1) drive in case things got long, stalled out, or hectic 2) was comfortable explaining things if necessary, and in an age appropriate way 3) keep him entertained & out of the way.

It worked out well. My labor puttered in the daytime, stallign out as I tended to my son & got him ready for bed. I knew it was "labor" but come night time we gave him the option of just going on to bed. He went to bed & Things quickly picked up. We called my cousin anyways, b/c you just never know. Finally - just about the time i started pushing, my doula & cousin went to wake up my son.

I was much like you - wanted him/them there, didnt want to send them off & they come home to me & a baby, but I didnt want to have to worry about explaining things, or being self conscious about it all.

I do remember vividly when he woke up & came downstairs though. I was laborinmg pretty hard, just started pushing, and things were INTENSE. I was so focused I didnt have a CLUE what was going on. BUt I KNEW I wanted my son there when I had the baby. I knew in the back of my mind that SOMEONE was geting him but couldnt really tell who was and wasnt in the room.

When he came in I didnt notice until he was literallY RIGHT in front of me, and trying to get to the other side to see where the baby was coming. I remember time STOPPING, literally almost, and looking up and the only thing on my mind was wanting to let him know that I was ok. I didnt like the thought of him walking in at the most intense time, not seeing the "build up". So i looked up and said "Mommys ok - how are you? Are you ok?" He assured me he was fine, had a big grin as he rubbed his sleepy eyes, and he took a seat by me to watch the baby come out. After that, it was all good. Hed watched lots of videos of babies being born - loud ones, quiet ones, and I was confident that he wouldnt be surprised by the sounds, although it might be concerning that it was HIS mommy. My DH was able to focus just on me, and everyone else tended to my son (excpet the midwife of course) lol. they talked him through it quite well - i can remember them telling him and thinking "thank god!" b/c it was helping me too ("Here comes the head, see her face?") lol.


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