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October 15th, 2007, 01:32 PM
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More update

She stripped my membranes again, and I am now at 3. Ive gotten to 3 without having to breathe through a single contraction. That's pretty cool.

Im all done effacing, and there is no adhesive quality left to the cervix. There was no pain at all when she stripped my membranes this time, and there was very little pain when she stripped them on Friday. She said I wont see any more bloody show till Im in labor, if its like my other labors. She was able to take her finger all the way around his head up to her index finger knuckle. He is not aligned perfectly, he is still low, but his butt is jutting out over my pelvis. We bound my belly with an ace bandage to sort of force him in to trajectory, putting my belly more up and inward so it could not sag outward with his butt jutting out.

So we wait on dilation. With me at 3 cm, I am going to go walking at the mall this afternoon, and around outside tonight. Im drinking superstrength red raspberry leaf tea (1 oz tea to 8 oz water) to try and move things along. I will also be doing some exercises and working with the birthing ball. If I am at 4 tomorrow and havent had the baby, my midwife will augment with blue and black cohosh tincture under my tongue/in a tea and/or break my water. We could do castor oil, but especially with already beeing a week late, Im more concerned about possibility of meconium in the water if I try castor oil. My doula did castor oil under my same midwife's care the day they induced, and it worked really well. So we will talk about ti some more probably.

I had a 1 hr 15 minute labor with Felicity, and I was 1 cm and 50% effaced 3 days before I had her. My midwife has already said shes not comfortable leaving me if I am 4 cm, because I have the potential to go in half an hour, if I go fast like I have, starting from 4 cm and 100% effaced.

Im feeling really good and optimistic right now. Glad to see progression and activity, gives me hope. Its when I get radio silence from my uterus that I start wigging out. Gonna work, but not overdo it, to get him out.

(I have only given birth on Tues or Thursday, always in the dark, and always on a day that ends in a 6. Tomorrow is Tuesday, October 16th. SO.. come on baby!)

Thanks for the positive thoughts!

Thank you BAM for my signature!!

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