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October 17th, 2007, 06:14 AM
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Well, I see the same midwife as jeni, and I was there yesterday from 5-6 PM. Didn't sound like there'd been any action yesterday or my appointment would have likely been moved. And we even discussed Jeni. Not in a personal way hon, she wouldn't give away your info or anything. In fact she just said, "a client of mine." But since she said she'd seen the client yesterday and she was 41 weeks I knew who she was talking about! We Just talked about how frustrating it can be for some people when they are "overdue" and how they start considering options they wouldn't before. So, I assumed no baby yet. I hope he decides to come on out soon!

Now me, with each child I was at 4 cm for about 3 weeks and it still took 6-8 hours of being in labor for them to move on out. So, A isn't too worried about getting to me in time. Though, of course, every baby is different!

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