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October 19th, 2007, 12:40 AM
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no one can answer that.. but I would think it safe to say that your birth control is not very effective. I would definitely suggest a switch in kinds (unless of course, you're not taking it consistantly enough).

Either way.. we're not here to judge.. but getting another abortion that close can pose serious health concerns. Plus I know that the more times you have an abortion, the less likely you'll be to ever have a child. You definitely want to consult a physician to find out the specifics (because I certainly don't know them).

Many women would kill for your problem..

If your BC isn't working properly or you aren't able to take your pills and the exact same time every day, I would suggest adding a condom into the mix or abstaining from sex until you're ready to have children. Let's face it.. when having sex.. it's always a possibility... no matter how careful you are.

For the record? I got pregnant on the pill, too. I was only 20.. and definitely didn't even want children ever, much less now. But I'm pretty ###### excited, despite the thought of having a child, a husband, a job full time, and school full time to deal with..

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